Zoom “Horse Talk” Webinar

March 6., 2023

ONLINE via Zoom

“The humility of the heart does not demand,

that you humble yourself,

but that you should open up.

This is the key of the exchange.

Only then can you give and receive.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry –

In communication, a distinction is made between symmetrical or complementary. In complementary communication, there are differences in status, hierarchy, or reputation. In symmetrical communication, the parties involved meet at eye level.

In horse-human relationships, I primarily observe the first version. Man is placed higher, he is the self-appointed leader. The horse should implement and follow his signals.

But if we are interested in truly understanding horses, we need to explore other avenues. We have to learn to listen to them and really engage with them.

In systemics, we speak of pacing when one interlocutor tunes in to the other, tries to see through his eyes and speak in his language.

This creates connection, trust and mutual respect.

In this webinar, we embark on a journey of insight together.

Using video footage you will train your observation and explore communication between horse and human. You will learn to pay attention to the subtle differences. What does the horse send, what does the human receive and vice versa? Is there a connection? Who gets out of the connection when and how? How can you make the connection happen? Does body language express what the person wants to express?

How does the horse implement the signals? What does our inner attitude have to do with it? What is energy and how can we use it in communication with the horse?

With all these questions and all those that you have and that arise, we will deal.

You are also welcome to send in videos of you and your horse in advance. Choose situations that are difficult for you. We highlight them together in the webinar and there are helpful tips. New perspectives emerge for you to grow together with your horse. A new quality for your partnership together. If you do not have a horse available, this webinar will give you a basic understanding of the horse.

Looking forward to an interesting evening with you!

By the way, there is still a practical workshop on “horse talk” at the Liberty Ranch in Saarlouis. There are also very nice teaching horses available.

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