‘Deeply touched’

Feedback from a participant in the 2-year training – Anna

It started in 2019

In spring 2019 I saw the film with Claudia and immediately caught fire – I wanted to learn that too! Having been self-employed with a children’s riding school for a number of years, the desire to work with adults and horses has been growing in me for some time.

3/4 years passed before I registered, first for the one-year training, where it quickly became apparent that a change to the “horse module” made sense – thanks Claudia, I have not regretted the step.

From the start of the apprenticeship , there were many internal and external developments.
My ponies and I learned a lot in the ground and free work. I’ve become more consistent (also with my children…).

Jenny gave us a wide range of floor training options and a deeper understanding of when do I do which exercise and what is it good for.

A particularly nice moment was when my mare laid her head on my shoulder after training and let it lie there for a few minutes.


In September 2020, my second mare moved in with me, young and unridden, and the experiences help me a lot.

The two constellations, my first ever, touched me deeply and brought a lot of healing and peace. Before, I carried around old packages that have become much lighter.

Since learning takes place on many different levels, the thought came up again and again, “I’ll never learn that”, but both in my work as a physiotherapist and on the pony farm, I noticed that I’m getting braver and better at asking questions to observe and describe events “cleanly”.

I found it particularly nice that in zoom sessions I always had the feeling “I’m in the right place here”, and I was amazed at how much connection and joint development can arise in such a screen format. The meetings with Claudia and Jenny were particularly nice.

It is interesting that both my husband and my pony school colleague and girlfriend went into exciting change processes parallel to my training.

For myself, I notice that my inner attitude in life has changed a lot since the start of the training.

I have become more self-confident, braver and more at peace with myself and meet other people less judgmentally and more openly.


2021 was also the year of horse therapy sessions, and the feedback from Claudia and Jenny was very helpful during the face-to-face training and the video meetings.

I practiced at home with friends and of course I was happy about the positive feedback.

In the summer of 2021, I made the decision to no longer work in physiotherapy from 2022 and to dedicate my time entirely to working with horses and people big and small. In January 2022, preparation for the examination to become a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy will begin.

And the journey continues!