2-year training

Learning by Feeling with Horses
Equine Assisted Systemic Intervention

The in-service training is suitable for all occupational groups
and consists of 2 parts

Systemic /
Trauma – therapy

Body, mind and soul are inseparable. The Syst. Therapy sees the individual person as a whole. This orientation permeates both the theoretical and practical parts of the program.

With Claudia

Holistic horse teaching

The horse is grasped, sensed and understood in its entire being. In this attitude we meet the horses in practical training and theoretical studies.

With Jenny

The next dates in the 2-year training

We look forward to seeing you!

Horse-assisted, systemic training in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saarland
The two trainers, Jenny and Claudia

We are humorous, effective, unconventional, competent and professional.

Horses are silent companions. They enter our inner and outer space and open doors to ourselves. They enable us to deeply recognize and experience our being and previously unconscious behavior patterns become visible.

Different perspectives help us to develop new solutions in order to reach our true greatness.

Training format

Horse experience in the group

Horse work with video coaching

Work with clients with video analysis

Online courses

Constellation work

Supervision / Individual Coaching

Peer group

There is something about the exterior of a horse
that is good for the inside of a person.

Sir Winston Churchill

Training Scope


  • Horse experience in the group
    4 x 2 days (6 hours/day)
  • Training of a therapy horse with video coaching 6 x 2 hours
  • Work with client and horse with video analysis 6 x 2 hours
  • Online courses 44 x 2 hours
  • Constellation work 2 x 2 days
    (6 hours/day)
  • Horse seminar with final exam
    2 x 2 days (6 hours/day)
  • Individual coaching Claudia 4 x 1 hour
  • Individual coaching Jenny 4 x 1 hour
  • Individual final meeting 1 x 2 hours


10.700 € incl. VAT

plus Room and board for the classroom seminars.
Payment in installments is possible.

Course content

Contents of the training area
Systemic/Trauma – Therapy

Our online events combine theoretical concepts with practical, everyday implementation. The systemic attitude is the principle of what we teach and live. Self-reflection is an important prerequisite here. To look at where are we entangled, have an opinion, elevate ourselves…etc.

All this is deeply human-and in such a state we cannot work “cleanly”. The two years of regular online meeting will make us grow together to trust each other. We can try ourselves out in the meetings and have a protected space – the group.

We will look at these questions in more detail:

▸ Systemic therapy – What’s behind it?
▸ Time-Line – how time flies and yet it repeats itself
▸ Clean Observation – Clean your glasses
▸ Systemic issues
Setting & therapeutic attitude, context

Circular questions – it makes you dizzy
▸ Genogram work – and we are all just entangled
▸ Value-free feedback – what are my own values?

▸ Listening and reading between the lines
▸ Perceiving energies – everything is energy
▸ To get things moving recognize your resistances

Refraiming – a little bit differently formulated makes the difference after all

▸ Everything as usual? Or is it? The difference makes it
▸ Compassion – Pity – Projection
▸ Focus and direction – and then the many sideshows
▸ Mirror neurons and resonance – I swim with the current or against it
▸ Context & order – like now, here or where, what do you mean now?

▸ Professionalism, Calling, Call of Awakening
▸ Quantum consciousness
▸ Creative therapy – be curious and brave
▸ Problem situations and solution perspectives
▸ Trauma – Consciousness – Transgenerational Aspecting
▸ Free themes

Contents of the training area
Holistic horse teaching

Our online courses provide theoretical content on equine psychology, equine behavioral science, and training a therapy horse.
Each participant is individually supported together with his project horse according to his previous knowledge.

Our specially developed concept for the holistic training of a therapy horse serves as the basis for this. The mental and physical health of the horse are indispensable.

In the practical seminars the participants learn from our already trained horses. The corresponding required tools and techniques will be worked out practically.

At the end of the two-year training, horse and trainer are qualified to work in the therapeutic setting.

These are the topics we will be looking at in more detail….

How do horses live?
▸ Ethology, behaviors
Social behavior, basic needs, attitude, care

Horse and man in dialogue
▸ Communication, body language
Energy, ground work

How do horses think and feel?
▸ Sensory perception, processing
Psychology, learning behavior

The body of the horse
▸ Exterior, kinematics
Training theory

Literature recommendations will be given to you within the course.

Class materials, presentations and papers are shared. Zoom recordings are available for you in the long term.

What the horse gives us…

Oliver Zucher, known from the documentary‘Stiller Kamerad’ in an interview with Claudia Swierczek and Jenny Becker. He asks questions about the two-year training “Learning by feeling with horses” in equine-assisted systematic interventions.

Registration for the 2-year training

Claudia Swierczek

Claudia Swierczek and Jennifer Becker

2-year training “Learning by Feeling with Horses”, Systemic Interventions

Internet (Zoom)
Volzrader Weg 4, 19303 Vielank OT Alt Jabel
Libertyranch, Mühlenstraße 68, 66740 Saarlouis

Gross amount
10.700,00 €

Installment payment possible
Annual à 5.350 €
Semi-annual à 2.675 €

The first installment is due two weeks before the start of the course.

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    General Terms and Conditions
    Registrations can be cancelled with full refund up to 4 weeks before the start of the event. In case of cancellation up to 2 weeks before the start of the event, a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged. In case of later cancellation, the cancellation fee is 100%. To meet the deadline, cancellations must be made in writing by e-mail to ed.nelieh-nedrefp-tim@tkatnok. Place of performance for all claims is Alt Jabel.

    General conditions:
    All participants bear full responsibility for their actions within the event. You agree to maintain confidentiality regarding the content of the training in order to preserve the protected space of each participant.

    The certificate “Learning by Feeling with Horses” according to Claudia Swierczek and Jenny Becker is issued in combination with a license to practice, a master’s degree in psychology or a Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie (HeilprG). The certificate of attendance will be issued in any case after successful participation in the 2-year training.