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Our award-winning documentary
‘Silent Comrade’

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Silent Comrade
Eberhard Fechner Prize

Silent Comrade
Horses Helping Humans Award

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Germany at war
Wild Germany

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Silent Comrade
Hof International Film Days

Silent Comrade
EQUS Film Festival

Silent Comrade
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival

Silent Comrade
Film Festival Max Ophüls Prize

Silent Comrade
international Munich Documentary Film Festival

Silent Comrade

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Horses as therapists
Western type WDR


War in the head
SWR 2 tandem

Trauma therapy with horses
180 degrees

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In Singen: Trauma therapy with horses
Horses 4 Humans

Dresden: Shadows even at night
Army Officers’ School

Berlin: Trauma Therapy with Horses
Army Officer School


PED study, FIBS Research Institute for Inclusion through Exercise and Sport in Frechen-Buschbeul

Systemic therapy/trauma pedagogy
Research institute for inclusion through exercise and sport at the German Sport University in Cologne


2008 VFD ‘The Horse as a Mirror

2011 VFD ‘The Learning Psychology of the Horse’

2019 Psychiatric Clinic Neunkirchen ‘Horse-Assisted Psychotherapy’

Publications – also online

It’s the little things that make the difference
Saar newspaper

Trauma Healing with Horses
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My therapist: a horse
My horse

What makes a horse a soul horse

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‘I saw children being sold.’
The bell in Warendorf

How traumatized soldiers are healed with the help of horses
Leipziger Volkszeitung

Horses unmask our masks
Euroriding Magazine

Silent Comrade is coming to the cinema
Warendorf newspaper

Silent Comrade – therapy with horses
Eppendorfer / Newspaper for Psychiatry & Social Affairs

Trauma therapy: the long return
Germany radio culture

With ponies against rockets

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
natural horse

How horses heal our soul
Merkische Allgemeine Zeitung

Horses and people help each other
Saarbruecker newspaper

Leisure riders issue 11/2011

‘The horse appeals to the emotional level’
Saarbruecker newspaper

New ways in addiction therapy
Saarbrücken Newspaper

Horse therapy in Saarlouis is intended to help with gambling addiction

Horses and PTSD: Gentle Nostrils for the Suffering Soul

Natural Horse 3-2020
Horses as therapists