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In love and fascination
for the connection between man and horse

Claudia Swierczek with Lotta

Jenny Becker with Juri

Claudia Swierczek

‘A Woman with a heart who lives what She says’

Jenny talks about her friendship with Claudia in the video

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I live my calling

Claudia connects people with themselves and their individual being.

She professionally accompanies the journey into new worlds of experience with an open heart. Her work is characterized by a wealth of therapeutic experience.

The documentary Silent Comrade ‘ shows the depth and stillness of her work.


  • Born in 1967, married, one daughter
  • Systemic therapist / family therapist (DGSF, SGST)
  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (HeilprG)
  • trauma therapist
  • Systemic constellation work
  • Studied educational science and psychology at Saarland University
  • Horsemanship/ Humanship Trainer (Ian Benson)
  • Certified Therapist in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAGALA 2012)

Before I loved horses I had nothing
what was worth living for.

Now I love horses and can’t stop
To see things worth living for.

Unknown author

Jennie Becker

‘Jenny is wonderful’

Claudia describes her friendship with Jenny in the video

Horse person Jenny

I have been infected by the horse virus for 35 years now. During this time I was able to learn from great mentors, above all my thoroughbred mare Hexe, who was always patient and generous.

Every student, every client and every horse helps me to continue learning and researching. My “tool box” is versatile and filled with exciting ideas, always open to new things.


  • Jennifer Becker, born 1977
  • married to ‘Wolfgang’, mother of ‘Ronja’
  • Trained bookseller
  • DOSB coach C Western
  • VFD Trail Guide
  • Trainer VFD
  • relaxation teacher
  • Naturopath Psychotherapy (HeilprG)