Heart Flow Congress – We are speakers!

We are participating as a speaker at the Heart Flow Congress!
In early June 2023 we met with Winnie and Timo in Altjabel and had a wonderful time. You can experience what happened for free at the Heart Flow Congress. Besides us, there are great speakers there who can share their experiences and inspire you.

‘Deeply touched’

Training Horse-assisted, systemic training in Mecklenburg

It started in 2019 when I saw the film with Claudia ‘The Silent Comrade’ and immediately caught fire – I wanted to learn that too! Self-employed for several years with a children’s riding school, the desire to work with adults and horses has been growing in me for some time.

respect versus dominance


In the alternative equestrian scene there is a lot of discussion about partnership and/or dominance. The horse must respect us as leaders. Many concepts rely on pressure and pressure amplification…

The horses, my teachers

Horse-assisted, systemic training in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Saarland

What we can learn from horses about ourselves and our lives.
Kairos is a five year old Trakehner gelding and one of my private horses. Kairos is a very sensitive horse…