Being with horses

Wild times and moments of silence in the magical BEING

Now it is finally here – the spring – still it shows itself timidly. The first buds are sprouting, the snowdrops have found their way through the frosty soil to the surface and the sun in its full power warms our hearts. Finally.

My morning arrival in the day begins with the wonderful ritual – the first coffee in bed. My view from the yurt finds its depth in the wonderful forest. Today the pines were flooded with light from the first rays of the sun, which made the hoarfrost glisten and sparkle. This made my heart beat faster and I felt the incredible power that Mother Earth gives us. Nature in all its perfect majestic beauty invites me into today.

This experience, the connection with nature, strengthens me, lets me come through these wild times in a stable way.

There, where it is turbulent on the outside, where fears and worries are spread on many corners and edges, it is especially important to be in the connection. I experience the deep connection in nature and of course in BEING with the horses.

We who have been given the great gift of being with horses have a great advantage. We get to learn from the horses. What we can learn from them above all is to be in BEING.

Many of you will have already had this experience. When we’re with the horses, playing with them, working with them, riding them, grooming them, mucking them out, feeding them, etc., we’re with them. – yes, then the world is all right.

Why is that?

It’s simple – we focus on what we do. We feel this unique moment of encounter.and we perceive with all our senses, feel ourselves and our connectedness with everything. We are not alone.

Enchanted by the magic of truthfulness, we have arrived at the true BEING.

The horses are masters in true BEING. They live from moment to moment. They do not react to external dangers until it is necessary. What does that actually mean, you may ask? To react only when the supposed danger is there? Then isn’t it already u late?

Now our control mechanisms come into play. We humans believe that if we control everything then we have certainty about what will happen. Is that really the case?

Let’s take a look at the primitive peoples – they can draw star charts without sophisticated high-tech devices. They know active substances of plants, without a laboratory examination. What can we learn from them?

Charles Eisenstein, a wonderful spiritual philosopher and author speaks of the concept of “interbeing.” Interbeing describes the mutual connectedness between us humans and also with nature. We are in resonance fields with our environment. And even the smallest changes in our thoughts and actions has great potential and influence.

Eisenstein’s wonderful book “The More Beautiful World Our Heart Knows Is Possible” shows how it is possible to step out of separation and into connectedness.

Now back to the horses.

Through their interconnectedness, the “interbeing” they are quite automatically not in the “energy squandering”. Their senses are heightened for real dangers and they are able to react adequately. Horses do not waste energy by worrying.

Are you worried? Do you imagine what could happen to you, your family, your animals, nature, etc. during this turbulent time? Yes? Do you do this?

When you do this, you create a resonant field of fear around you. You will also feel this physically. You get tight, tense up. Your breathing becomes faster. You drift into panic or else you freeze and are incapable of action. Each of us will probably have experienced these moments…but what can we do about it? Not going into worry or fear?

Very pragmatically: breathe and concretely BE in this moment:

NOW I am healthy, NOW I and my loved ones are alive.


You know, I live here on the farm with my 97-year-old mother. As a young girl she experienced the 2nd World War and a flight of several years. Yesterday we sat with a cup of coffee in the midday sun and she said in the round: “Do you know 1945, on my 20th birthday there was a very cold winter, we were on the run and I remember exactly how I drove with the covered wagon through the front. I wanted to freeze to death, but I just kept going – and now I’m still alive and sitting here with you in the sun. How beautiful that is.”

I would like to invite you to think about what your thoughts contribute to? Do they stir up fear in you or love and confidence?

Do they help you to be a support to others ? Are you in your full power in these moments? If not, I have an idea- just leave it alone. Stop worrying, because they don’t change the situation.

Do things that are good for you. If you have the opportunity, go out into nature or to your horse, spend time in being with him and refuel. This wonderful feeling that you will experience and experience, you can then in everyday life in unpleasant and difficult situations again and again query. You can imagine how your encounter and deep connection with your horse felt, how fulfilled you were. This feeling is real and when you are in this state, you are expanded and without worry and free from fear. You fill this space around you with a sense of well-being made of confidence and trust. This positive expansion will be felt by the people around you. They will be drawn to you and this space you have created around you.

Our soul will be able to master the challenges of life set before it. For we are simply given life’s tasks on this earthly course so that we can develop further and then be a better person.

We all, as sentient beings, desire these spaces of peace and love.

If you like, start right now to create these spaces too- go to your horse or into nature and learn from them….and remember NOW, NOW, NOW

All the love for you.


” Look deep inside yourself nature, then you will understand better”.

Albert Einstein