Online Experience -Workshop “Adventure Groundwork

September 4., 2023

ONLINE via Zoom

Remember, before the day is out, it’s never too late for some fun!

-Mary Poppins-

In this online workshop, we will take an excursion into the diverse world of floor work.

After your registration, you will receive a welcome email with all the necessary information about your course. This includes a questionnaire about you and your horse and an instructional video for assessing your individual prerequisites. You make your own video with your horse following these instructions and send it to me. With the help of the video, I can see where there is potential for development and what the limitations are. These can be health aspects or aspects of the relationship level. After that, we will schedule a 30-minute appointment for a one-on-one conversation via Zoom or by phone. Here we can get to know each other personally. We can talk about you and your horse, about your individual needs and requirements, about your wishes and goals.

In the first joint Zoom meeting, all course participants get to know each other. You will get an introduction to the tool “Clean Observation” . It helps you take a neutral perspective and share your observation in a non-judgmental and neutral way. We will practice together using your own videos. In addition, a Telegram group will be established for mutual exchange and regular inspiration.

Then our adventure begins.

We will deal with the following topics in terms of content:

  • Feel free – free work with horse puzzles
  • Chatting session – developing a common language about the work with the guiding rope
  • Pure relaxation – meditations, mindfulness exercises and more
  • Poweryoga, rehabilitation sport and cardio – also for couch potato horses
  • For riding arena muffle – ground work at special Places
  • Play day – playfully consolidate what you have learned

You will be provided with a collection of several instructional and inspirational videos on the topics and bonus material on top of that.

For you and your horse personally there are additional special tasks and individual tips.

In each Zoom meeting, we dedicate ourselves to one of the above topics. We discuss together the video recordings you provide and thereby expand our personal spectrum. You can share your experiences and get valuable tips and suggestions for solutions to problems and difficulties. We develop a workbook together. Each zoom session will be recorded and then made available for you to download. This ensures great sustainability and you can look at the material again at any time.

The workshop consists of one face-to-face appointment and 8 Zoom appointments. These are spread over four months, so there is plenty of time to practice. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

More info and registration via ed.hcnarytrebil@ecivres or feel free to call us at Tel: +49 6831/9618068

For organizational reasons, registration should be made no later than August 15.

“Adventure floor work” the online experience workshop

Save the date : every monday, 7 – 9 pm

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  2. 18.9.23
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Workshop in 8 zoom sessions, including personal meeting 249,-€


Please fill out the registration form and email it to us. The registration is done with the payment of the course fee.

Payment via bank transfer.

More info about ed.hcnarytrebil@ecivres or feel free to call us at Tel: +49 6831/9618068


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