7-day riding course “Connection”

April 19., 2024 – April 25., 2024

Seminar & Therapy Center ALT JABEL eG

When riding, two different species can come together in harmony. We can become one with the horse if we are prepared to get involved. Open yourself up to a special journey and the connection with horses.

For seven days, we will deal with the following questions, among others, in theory and practice:

How do I perceive myself and my horse?

What do I sense and how can I improve my perception?

How good is my balance and how do I find my equilibrium?

Am I aware of my body?

What signals am I sending unconsciously?

What effect do I have on my horse?

How do my horse’s biomechanics “work”?

How does my horse think and feel and how do I feel for my horse?

Where am I getting in the way of myself and my horse mentally and emotionally?

How can I transport energy and thus create targeted movements?

And much more….


  • Horse Psychology
  • Biomechanics of horses
  • Preparatory ground work exercises
  • Assistance
  • Seat training
  • Perception training
  • Coordination exercises
  • Unconventional and creative exercises

Save the date: 19-25.4.2024

  • Start daily at 9 am, end at 5 pm
  • Venue: Waldhof Alt Jabel
  • Small group (maximum 6 participants)
  • For beginners and advanced students aged 16-99
  • Also with visual impairment
  • including a wonderful training horse
  • including breakfast together at 9 a.m. with daily briefing
  • Catering during the course included
  • Dinner together can be booked additionally
  • Overnight accommodation can be booked on site here


Registration takes place via a personal conversation with me. Let’s get in touch via email and then we talk on the phone or via video call. Here you also have the opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for me as a trainer.

There are several accommodation options on site at our therapy and seminar farm, to be booked separately here.

Spend an unforgettable week with us. Treat yourself to this horse time!



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