“Boundary Experiences” – Perceiving Boundaries, Setting Boundaries, Changing Boundaries.

July 2., 2023

Liberty Ranch Saarlouis

Do you feel your limits?

Do you respect your boundaries?

Can you make others see and respect them?

For many of us, this is a major challenge.

Themes of belonging, rejection, self-love, fears emerge. Inner conflicts that want to be resolved.

Maybe also for you an important learning task on the way to inner contentment and lightness?

In this seminar the horses help us on our way.

For horses, boundaries are an essential part of their everyday life and social structure within the herd.

They are very aware of their limitations. They set boundaries. They respect boundaries when they are clearly communicated.

We can learn a lot from them about this.

In special exercises of the floor work you have the possibility to experience yourself.

Through the reflections of the horses you get direct feedback.

With my guidance you are invited to experiment, to try out alternative actions, to change old patterns.

For we are held only by the limits we set for ourselves.

We can change them and grow beyond ourselves.

The seminar is created for all people who are interested in learning more about themselves and horses. No previous experience is required. Beginners and advanced students are equally welcome. Each participant is individually supervised and supported. We offer you what YOU need to grow at your pace.

The seminar takes place in a small group with a maximum of 8 participants. This allows us to ensure high quality and individual attention. We will be working with the Liberty Ranch horses.

We attach great importance to the fact that you can feel comfortable with us, in a pleasant ambience and warm atmosphere. That’s why there are snacks made from organic products and homegrown produce from the Liberty Ranch garden. Coffee, tea and water is unlimited. There is limited possibility to stay overnight on the farm or in a nearby guesthouse. Talk to us, we will be happy to help you!

We look forward to seeing you!

Borderline Experiences”– the seminar

Save the date : 2.7.23
Start 10 am till 5 pm

Day seminar all inclusive for 129,-€


Please fill out the registration form and email it to us. The registration is done with the payment of the course fee.

Payment via bank transfer

More info about ed.hcnarytrebil@ecivres or feel free to call us at Tel: +49 6831/9618068


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